Michael Arthur – Providing Therapy, Facilitating Direction

Human beings have the ability to be social, imaginative, creative and happy. We get tremendous pleasure in seeking and creating community with others, and this further enables us to live our lives with purpose and meaning. We also like engaging each other through working and learning, through volunteering, and by performing acts of kindness.  It is hard to deny that these acts are intrinsically human, that they are altruistic, and that they unfold in our daily routines and rituals in simple and beautiful ways.

But it is also human to not be happy, to not know what we want to do with our lives, to respond poorly when our best efforts have been thwarted. We may make poor choices or decisions that lead to unhappiness and suffering, in our own lives and in the lives of others. We humans are, by definition, complex, irrational, and imperfect.

Because we are fallible we can experience depression, anxiety, loneliness, isolation, sadness, or low self worth, all of which can be difficult to shake off. Whether or not what we are experiencing is part of a diagnosed mental health condition, we may come to the realization that we need to make changes in our lives. And when life appears out of balance, when we think our mental health is getting in the way, or we feel stuck, it may be time to talk to a trained mental health professional, a therapist or counselor.

My counseling and therapy practice provides me with the opportunity to help men and women navigate difficult life challenges and make meaningful changes in their lives, whether their concerns involve work-life balance, life goals, intimate relationships, identity issues, family conflicts, transitions, personal growth, or a formal mental health diagnosis.

I work collaboratively with my clients to help them get where they want to be, and I can support and guide you in resolving the challenges you face in your life. Counseling and therapy can help with healing and help you redefine  how you want to live your life.

My counseling and therapy practice is conveniently located in Brunswick, and is accessible to people who live in Southern Maine, Cape Elizabeth, Portland, Falmouth, Augusta, and other nearby locations.

Michael Arthur Therapy and Counseling