My approach

Building a trustworthy relationship with clients is essential to my approach to mental health. Clients will come to believe that they can take risks and develop the courage to reveal deeply held dysfunctional beliefs, emotional pain, and maladaptive behaviors that lead to unhappiness. Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, (REBT) one of the original forms of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, enables changes in patterns of beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that perpetuate anger, anxiety, depression, trauma, pain and suffering and prevent us from experiencing well being. My approach, which includes REBT in addition to existential, humanistic, family systems, mindfulness-based, mind-body and cross-cultural therapies, enables clients to deal with challenging life circumstances and mental health issues holistically. I see mental health and physical health as interrelated.

I have spent my entire career as a counselor consulting and working with psychiatrists and physicians. I see this as an essential component of my approach. There is a great deal of research that shows the efficacy of psychotherapy and medication, particularly Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and medication, in ameliorating mental health diagnoses. Working collaboratively with psychiatrists, other physicians, and other medical professionals who prescribe drugs is an important part of my work.


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