Tough Times

War and economic recession have created significant hardship for many families in the United States and around the world. In addition to the financial hardship, living with these twin realities is having a significant impact on our psychological health and well being, even if we do not feel an immediate impact on our daily lives.

Because these are tough times for us, our friends and family, or perhaps our neighbors, it means that is important to pay attention to our psychological and physical health, as these two are related. But how is this possible? How do we continue to take care of ourselves?

Take a walk. Draw on some powerful, positive memories. Try to remember a film or book that made you laugh out loud. Watch it again. Look for ways to draw on the things that make you feel good, so that you can use them to navigate through the challenges today brings you.

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  1. Thanks for this reminder to take time out to care for ourselves. Sometimes its the simplest things in life that bring joy – for me, its a rainy day or open skies, a beautiful sunset, a good meal, a good laugh, a smile. Even if I’m rushing and busy, any one of these, if only for a moment, brighten my day.

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